TPP: How Will It Help or Hurt Us?

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is currently in the public review period for comment. While the President and some corporations are in favor, many people, industries, and foreign nations are not.  Accused of weakening our economy, sourcing jobs overseas, weakening laws for food protection, and weakening environmental protection regulations amongst other things, TPP could very well be disastrous if it passes. What are the benefits to us if this agreement passes? Here is a collection of articles that could help you decide if you’re yay or nay.  (See bottom of page if you’d like to contact your representatives in Congress.)

Here is the full text of the potential trade agreement:, and in an easier-to-read format,


Here is a collection of reviews and essays outlining the potential harms and what to look out for in the TPP:

Who Will Benefit From the Trans-Pacific Partnership?,_a_corporate_coup_is_underway

TPP Winners and Losers


Here is a collection of reviews claiming TPP’s virtues:

The Candidates and TPP:

Bernie Sanders Calls Agreement of Trans-Pacific Partnership ‘Disastrous’


Congress and TPP


What do you think? If you care to reach out to your Senators or Congresspeople, find contact info here:

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