gallery WH, Arm Yourself With Information

“Terrorism is all around us. It’s become an everyday discussion throughout the world. Terrorism though is not only limited to far away places; it exists in the corporate world, in our government, with lobbyists, and in the food supply. It is up to us to arm ourselves with information and the tools to defend ourselves. The Wecology Handbook provides the information you need, it is your weapon for survival—providing the knowledge and vital data to keep safe and convert evil enemies to good. For people looking to protect their health, their family and their backyard, as well as those touched by cancer, the time has come to stand up to the enemy.

At 427 pages, WH exposes the sinister enemies of our well being while also presenting solutions to hot button issues related to spikes in disease, toxins in our environment, protecting water and natural resources, as well as reflecting on the founding fathers, leaders, and pioneers who originally taught us about conservation, health, and peace. WH is divided into five sections: Food, Toxic Substances, Air, Water, Nature; followed with resources: Cause and Effect, Diseases, Government, and Laws designed to protect us. The grand finale is the Solutions section titled Prepare to Rise, my late father’s favorite expression.”

Excerpt from agent query.  If you are or know a publisher interested in publishing this book please contact me. God bless America! 

A votre santé!


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