gallery What’s with Littering?

Memorial Day remnants, Chicago beach 2016 source Fox News

Littering, not cool. Find a garbage can or take it with you.


  • Harms people, plants and animals
  • Destroys natural environments
  • Litter gets into waterways
  • Plastic litter often gets mistaken for food and swallowed by fish, turtles, whales, birds and all sorts of creatures that live in the water.  Plastic is deadly, for often it does not get digested, instead remaining in animals’ stomachs, tearing away at tissue, causing starvation, pain and eventually, death.
  • Plastic and other litter can entangle or get stuck on animals and cause great suffering and pain
plastic pollution, plastic oceans, end litter, wecologist
Dead albatross, photo courtesy Cynthia Vanderlip
plastic pollution, litter kills, end litter, plastic oceans,
Albatross, photo courtesy Cynthia Vanderlip



Don’t be a douche, learn the habits and help teach others to leave no trace. 

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