gallery Seeking Serenity in Chaotic Times

When chaotic times beckon, what do you do? Stop and take a deep breath, or perhaps the opposite, get panicked and upset?  Sometimes we need to learn, relearn or adapt skills to help us cope with whatever life has brought to our door.

For many, though they’d like to, it’s difficult if not impossible to get away from work and obligations.  This is when practicing deep breathing and meditating becomes extra useful. If you’re not familiar with deep breathing techniques, you may want to look into the Art of Living. They have 3 day classes throughout the world combining breathing, meditating, and mild yoga postures.

If you can find the time to get away for a bit, you may wish to consider a retreat center. There are many amazing spiritually minded places, probably some not far from where you live where you can enjoy private or group meditation, as well as silent practices, nature, yoga, and wholesome cooking.

Years ago I took the time to experience many of these unique places. Eventually I ended up spending my college internship at the Himalayan Institute in Pennsylvania. They have a 30 day self renewal program that is, or at least was quite sensational.  Afterwards I created this little booklet for such places near my college in Maine. seeking-serenity

When life is good it’s easy to carry on with a smile on your face.  When things turn upside down, however, breathing, nature, meditating, yoga and wholesome foods are some of the things that can help make things a lot better.

A votré sante!

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