gallery Prepare to Rise

What will come of us in this new year shining so brightly?  Are you preparing to be your best self yet?


This fresh day begins

living renewed star planet

water in your hands


I hope for all people and animals on this planet that this next year is kind to you, better for us all, that joy and kindness warm our hearts, that forgiveness soothes our souls, that health, love and peace always reside within you and within reach. Together and one by one we use our tools, faith and courage to help make the planet and all people happier, healthier, more loving, more peaceful, more just, more fair, more caring, more thoughtful, more considerate, more genuine, more authentic, more natural, more gentle, more true, more good, more mindful of the earth.


“Prepare to rise” was my dad’s unique way of saying, time to go. After all these years the words still inspire, perhaps more than ever. It’s nearly time to go and live our best year yet!  May we and the planet enjoy many more to come!


In honor of Oscar, I miss you everyday.





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